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The Historic Dance Theatre (HDT) is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to supporting the study of dance as an integral part of global social and cultural history. Lectures, lecture demonstrations, and workshops provide context to historical moments with the performance of dance, and context to dance works themselves. HDT supports interdisciplinary work. Additionally, HDT has sponsored research projects, papers, and will provide grants to emerging scholars so that they
may present their work at international conferences in dance, history, culture, and other area studies.

HDT will be accepting applications in late 2020 for emerging scholars to attend conferences to present their work. Please contact us through this website to be added to our mailing list. You will be notified as soon as the guidelines are ready.


The platform of Historic Dance Theatre offers numerous opportunities for the future. We invite senior scholars, dance companies, and emerging historians interested in culture, politics, history, and dance to contact us about their ideas for 2021 and beyond.


Learn More about the leadership team behind Historic Dance Theatre.


Learn More about the history of Historic Dance Theatre.


Learn More about how to apply for support from Historic Dance Theatre.

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